Save Hand Fatigue vs. Shears: The TRECK is specifically designed to cut single to multiple layers of clothing, thick jackets, motorcycle leathers, leather jackets, wetsuits, hazmat suits, turnout gear and racing uniforms without shears.

No Blade Changes: Replace your TRECK about half as often as shears. The TRECK uses a patented, corrosion-resistant, Polymer-coated, award-winning Rapid Edge® heavy-duty razor blade. The serrated design has 5 cutting surface layers, so it stays sharp longer than any other utility razor bladeThe polymer coating reduces friction and cuts more evenly.  Works well on cotton, denim, leather, nylon and a wide range of hard to cut materials.

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How To Guide: TRECK+ Emergency

Clothing Knife & Seat Belt Cutter

  1. TRECK+ Usage: Clothing Cutter

1) Insert ballpoint tip into article of clothing, starting with the collar or waistband, until the top of the collar or waistband is loaded into the hook section.  Use other hand to hold clothing

[ Figure 1 ].

2) Use wrist to make initial cut through all layers of clothing, with an upward flick of the wrist (see video).  Use other hand to push clothing towards the blade [ Figure 2 ].  Repeat for belts or gear with extra thick waistbands or collars.

3) Continue to draw the TRECK down the articles of clothing and away from the patient.  Keep handle about parallel to the cutting surface.

Wide Safety Guard


Serrated, corrosion-resistant
razor blade

Example: simultaneously cutting a jacket, sweatshirt and T-shirt, or jeans with a leather belt.

Example: simultaneously cutting a jacket, sweatshirt and T-shirt, then jeans with a leather belt.

Short Runs: From neck collar to shirt cuffs or bottom of shirt.  From waist of pants to bottom of pant leg.

Long Runs: From neck collar to bottom of pants.

* Shirt / Waist Transition: Pause to lift waistband. Insert ballpoint under lowest layer, then continue.

Anatomy of a TRECK+

  1. TRECK+ Usage: Seat Belt Cutter

The TRECK features a wider opening than most seat belt cutters (for easier seat belt insertion).  Then, pull away to cut instead of towards the patient.

Grip handle firmly. Other hand should hold belt for tension. Load seat belt into hook section by placing seat belt between ballpoint and guard, on the blade. Pull upward on the TRECK to make the cut.

[ Figure 1 ]

[ Figure 2 ]

Use wrist for upward motion

8.5” x 2.75” x 0.5” - Weight: 2.3 oz.

Video How To Make Cuts Without Shears

The ballpoint glides along the inner layer.  The material is lifted by the ballpoint, then cut with a Teflon-coated razor blade.  Pull away from patient for safe, easy and fast cuts.

O2 Key

Guide / Blade Angle

Handle (for leverage, usable with gloves)


How To Guide

Safer and Faster than Shears