Privacy Policy

Talon Rescue, LLC. takes your privacy very seriously.  Your information will never be sold, shared or distributed in any way.  Only information that is volunteered is retained and utilized internally so that we may better serve you and future customers.  Only information that is volunteered through our online registration forms, e-mail inquiries, our opt-in only e-mail newsletter request and other means of volunteering information may be stored for internal use.  Our hosting provider may utilize web browser cookies, but we do not access, store or utilize any data that may be generated.

Opt Out and Data Removal

Talon Rescue, LLC. utilizes an opt-in only e-mail marketing program, Express E-Mail Marketing, which is a legal, opt-in program, that provides easy opt-out options.  Once a user requests to join our e-mail newsletter campaign, they can easily opt-out by clicking the opt-out link on the bottom of each newsletter.  Alternatively, customers may opt-out of our e-newsletter campaign, or any other service or data storage system utilized by Talon Rescue, LLC. by sending a request to or by calling us at 860-269-7289.

Terms of Use, Copyright and Trademarks

All information and content, including text, pictures, photos, graphics, images, layout and
user-generated content are © Copyright 2010 - 2011 Talon Rescue, LLC.  All information and
content is owned by Talon Rescue, LLC. and may not be used or distributed in any way without
prior written consent by Talon Rescue, LLC.  Some images and content are used by permission and/or licensed to Talon Rescue, LLC.  Content may be viewed, stored or reproduced for personal use, provided you retain the copyright information, but may not be duplicated or distributed.

Talon Rescue, LLC. company name is registered and may not be utilized by any other company as a name for their company or business.  “TRECK”, “TRECK+”, “Emergency Clothing Knife” and “When trauma shears just don’t cut it” trademarks and variations are owned by Talon Rescue, LLC. and may not be used without prior written consent.  You may contact us for a list of additional trademarks.

Information provided on this site and other electronic and non-electronic information is provided as a courtesy to our customers, without an express or implied warranty, nor do we warrant the accuracy of any electronic or non-electronic information contained on this site, or other sites, including our Reseller, Affiliate and auction sites, nor does Talon Rescue, LLC assume any responsibility or liability in connection with the use of any information.

Patent Information

Talon Rescue, LLC. owns US Utility Patent #6,493,945 and has numerous US and Foreign Patents pending, which cover the TRECK, TRECK+ and future products, which account for variations, as well as new designs, related to number of blades, blade orientation, ballpoint extension, guard variations, handle and and handle-less options and other variations which may be suitable for Utility and/or Design Patents, both domestic and foreign.

You may contact Talon Rescue, LLC. to discuss a Non Disclosure Document in the event you believe your design may infringe upon our current or pending patents, or vice versa.

Please do not contact Talon Rescue, LLC. in any way, to submit or disclose unsolicited designs, suggestions or ideas of any kind.  If you have a product idea, you may contact Talon Rescue, LLC., but you may not disclose any details of any kind regarding your ideas, until you or your entity and Talon Rescue, LLC. enter into a written, signed disclosure agreement.  Talon Rescue, LLC. is not liable for any product ideas that are disclosed without a written, signed disclosure agreement, nor is Talon Rescue, LLC. liable for any unsolicited submissions or suggestions that represent current or future products or product components.

Warranty and Product Return

Talon Rescue, LLC. only warrants product purchased from Talon Rescue, LLC. or authorized Resellers or Affiliates.  Talon Rescue, LLC. extends a (1) year warranty for registered purchases, and will replace, at their discretion, any product with defects in materials or craftsmanship, within one year of purchase. Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, use, misuse, improper storage, care or maintenance.  Products may be registered online via our Registration Page or by calling 860-269-7289.

Products in unopened packages, registered or unregistered, must be returned to the original seller.  Registered products in opened packages may only be returned to Talon Rescue, LLC. if there is a defect per our warranty, and by either calling 860-269-7289 or by completing a support form on our Support Page.  Please note that some Reseller and Affiliate policies may differ from those of Talon Rescue, LLC., and we ask that you please review the policies of your qualified seller. 

Questions and Support

You may contact us via our Support Page, by calling 860-269-7289, by sending an e-mail to or by US mail: Talon Rescue, LLC., Attn: Support, 14 Two Mile Road, Farmington, CT 06032.

Product Liability Disclosure

Our products contain a sharp, semi-exposed razor blade, and should only be used if blade contact with operator, patient or bystanders can be avoided.  Operators should use extreme caution, as they would with any utility knife or other exposed knife edge product.  Operators of our products, patients or bystanders may not hold Talon Rescue, LLC. liable in any way for injuries or property damage from use or misuse of Talon Rescue, LLC.’s products.  Operators are required to read our How to Guide and view our videos on our How To Page, and are also required to read the instruction manual that is enclosed with each product.

Privacy Policy