The patented TRECK is not an adaptation of traditional trauma shears.  It’s not a seat belt cutter that tries to cut clothes.  The TRECK is a purpose-built clothing, uniform and equipment cutter.  The blade type, angle, ballpoint tip, safety guard and handle enable the TRECK to simultaneously remove multiple layers of obstructions from a trauma patient - a solution that focuses on speed and safety over trauma shears and other alternatives.

The TRECK was also selected as the “Most Innovative New Product” by JEMS in March, 2011.  The TRECK+ was selected as a “Hot Product” pick by JEMS in March, 2012, and appeared in the April Hands On section as well.

The TRECK delivers a cutting-edge alternative to shears.  Talon Rescue’s TRECK is the original Emergency Clothing Knife, and it delivers breakthrough performance and safety.  Talon Rescue is working on many more patent pending designs multi-use capabilities.

Made in the USA!

... because saving lives and creating jobs are important to us - we hope to help with both.

There were many overseas manufacturing options - some offered a finished product that were less expensive than US-based manufacturers.  I was adamant about making the TRECK here in the USA.  I searched for a US manufacturer that could provide the highest quality at the best price, and I am pleased with the decision to support more hard working men and women in the USA.

“TRECK”, “TRECK+”,  “Emergency Clothing Knife” and other trademarks are owned by Talon Rescue, LLC.  TRECK is protected by US Patent #6,493,945 with Patents Pending.  TRECK+ and other models have additional US and Foreign Patents Pending.  All content © Copyright Talon Rescue, LLC.
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Talon Rescue, LLC. is a US-based designer and manufacturer of patented and patent pending Emergency Clothing Knives used for accessing trauma.  Our products are used by EMS professionals such as EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters, First Responders and RNs, and are built for Emergency Rooms, Trauma Centers, Wilderness Survival, Law Enforcement, Sports Medicine and the Military.

About Us

About Us

Talon Rescue was founded by inventor Tom DeRosa.  He patented the TRECK and holds pending patents for rescue tools and other products and services.