In this video, the TRECK simultaneously cuts through a jacket with an inner liner, a thick sweatshirt and a heavy T-shirt, then a pair of jeans.

The initial cuts are made without trauma shears and without jarring the patient.  The hooded jacket also has drawstrings and a very thick collar that needed to be cut, along with the sweatshirt and T-shirt collars.

TRECK vs. Trauma Shears - The Movie

In this reenactment video, two real-life medics respond to an emergency - a trauma patient with multiple wounds.  In real life, one medic is a true veteran with more than 20 years experience.  The other medic is a true rookie - an EMT-B that in reality, had been on the job for less than 2 months.  With no prior experience, he uses the TRECK after a few practice cuts just prior to filming.

The TRECK and trauma shears both cut through a jacket with
inner liner, a thick sweatshirt, a heavy T-shirt, then a pair of jeans.

Notice:  The motion of the TRECK is away from the patient when compared to shears.  The patient’s weight is not used as a counter balance (no jarring of patient).

Turnout Gear

Demonstration of the TRECK's ability to cut through thick, multi-layered materials such as turnout gear, without the use of trauma shears.

Since turnout gear is one of the thickest, multi-layered materials, it also demonstrates the TRECKs ability to cut through multiple layers that a medic would need to cut, such as a heavy winter coat, sweatshirt and other layers, simultaneously.

TRECK Videos

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