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• Video - TRECK cuts turnout gear and multiple layers: jacket with liner, thick sweatshirt and T-shirt, then jeans.

Easy to Use: Clothing is channeled to the blade with a new ballpoint to blade guide, which widens the effective cutting angle.  The Polymer-coated blade minimizes friction for easy and even cuts.

Made in
the USA!

TRECK+ Holster

Heavy-duty rain resistant nylon shell, belt loops and velcro tab for easy access to your TRECK.

Back accepts up to 2.5” belts

Front with velcro tab

TRECK+ Sheath
& Carabiner

Heavy-duty rain resistant nylon shell with loop and 2” carabiner (included).

TRECK+ Accessories

TRECK+ Chain & Carabiner

The TRECK+ has a hole in the handle, so you can easily add the nickel-plated ball chain with 2” carabiner.

TRECK Silicon Band

The TRECK+ has nubs to hold the silicon band in place.  Perfect for storing, carrying, or using your TRECK+ as an O2 Wrench.

Orange TRECK:
White / Glow Band.

Black TRECK:
Black Band.

(1) FREE Band with ea. TRECK+

Made in
the USA!

Made in
the USA!

Made in
the USA!

Keyring Window Punch

The Zak Tool is only 5.25” but it packs a huge punch!  Built to last for unlimited uses - no replacement parts or maintenance.  Hold the point against the glass, pull the spring and release.  Easily attach to any of your TRECK+ models with the Chain & Carabiner option!

Made in
the USA!


No Blade Changes: Replace your TRECK about half as often as shears. The TRECK uses a patented, corrosion-resistant, Polymer-coated, heavy-duty Rapid Edge® razor blade. The serrated design has 5 cutting surface layers, so it stays sharp longer than any other razor blade.

  1. Carabiner Attachment

  1. Ballpoint to Blade Guide

  1. Polymer-coated Blade

  1. Wide Safety Guard

  1. O2 Key

  1. Clothing & Seat Belt Cutter

  1. Blade Cover Included

  1. Window Punch Option

Save Hand Fatigue vs. Shears: The TRECK is designed to cut single to multiple layers, thick jackets, motorcycle leathers, leather jackets, wetsuits, hazmat suits, turnout gear and racing uniforms.

Safer and Faster than Shears